This week’s Modern Art Notes Podcast features one of the greatest living artists, Robert Irwin. A exhibition of Irwin’s newest work is on view now at The Pace Gallery in New York, where Irwin and I taped this week’s show.

The piece pictured here is one of Irwin’s first pieces made out of scrim, a thin, ephemeral, synthetic material that Irwin used to great effect starting in the 1970s. On this week’s show, Irwin talks about how he ‘discovered’ scrim and about how he used it in his studio starting in 1969, first exhibited a scrim piece guerilla-style at the Museum of Modern Art in 1970 and then did this major piece at the Walker Art Center in 1971. Don’t miss the Walker’s fascinating blog post about Irwin’s 1971 installation. There are some great pictures there too. That untitled work is in the Walker’s collection; the museum has installed it four times.

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Image: Robert Irwin, Untitled, (1971). Collection of the Walker Art Center, Minneapolis.

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