There are just two weekends left to see “Zoe Strauss: Ten Years” at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. It’s one of the best and one of the most important exhibitions of the year. Don’t miss it. 

Throughout the exhibition, Strauss has kept office hours at the museum. Click here to see the calendar of events for the last 10 days of the show. This post on Modern Art Notes might give you a sense of what Strauss’s office hours are like.

Strauss was my guest on Episode Ten of The Modern Art Notes Podcast. It’s one of my favorite shows. Don’t miss the part where Strauss talks about how the preparation for her show was interrupted by a double murder on the south Philadelphia block on which she lives. Amazing stuff. 

To download the program directly to your PC or mobile device, click here. For see images of the art Strauss and I discuss, click here.

Image: Detail from Strauss’s Daddy Tattoo, Philadelphia, 2002. 

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